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Our Journey to Simplicity: Part 16 – The Bathrooms

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I decluttered the bathrooms.

I’d like to tell you that the bathrooms are the places that collect all of my things and that I made some amazing accomplishment by cleaning it all out! Well, I can’t say that. If I had cleaned out our Office… now that would be a feat! 🙂

A great place to store things we do not need is in our bathroom drawers. Don’t ask me why.

Here is what I eliminated:

1. Lotions, soaps, samples, etc. After going through the Master bath alone, I had filled a trash can! Which lotions do you use? I am sure you have some that you don’t care for the scent of. Or you have some that has been sitting for a looong time. What about your soaps? Are you really going to use all of those little hotel bottles? Have you ever gotten samples of hair products or laundry detergent? If you haven’t used them by now, will you ever?

2. Makeup, hair products, perfume, nail polish, etc. If you have makeup you haven’t worn for a long time, it’s unlikely that you’ll wear it again. It’s also probably not up to par anymore. Once perfume sits for a while, the scent changes. I had one that smelled like pure alcohol! It made me sad because it used to smell so good – you know – 12 years ago. I also found an incredible number of nail files and some almost empty nail polish bottles. Has your hair style changed? I had one bottle of hair product that was so old the nozzle was clogged!

3. My rag drawer was full. How many rags do we need per size? The drawer is now half full and easy to close instead of overflowing. Rags are easy to come by! 

4. Expired medicine, old band aids, etc. Your medicine cabinet. I found some that expired in 2011! (The FDA says to mix your uncrushed medications with kitty litter or used coffee grounds, place them in a bag and throw them in the trash.)

5. Cleaning products. I have changed my ways of cleaning to be all natural. That meant I could get rid of several cleaning products. If this is something you are interested in, let me know and I can hook you up! 🙂 Getting rid of all those created enough room under the sink for the toilet paper – instead of the TP being stored in our hall closet.

6. Bath toys. I let Adelynn sort those for me. (I made a few revisions after she finished). We had to get down to an amount that fit in her frog pod on the side of the tub. I just put all of their foam letters on a garage sale. I made $1.00 and I am not pulling them off the side of the tub and shoving them into the toy pod anymore! They play more with mermaids in the tub now than they do with the squirting bath toys. We had plenty of rubber duckies who didn’t make the cut.


I know, it’s a bit of a stretch with the baby bath tub hanging out on top, but technically it is all off the edges of the tub! 😉

I have to say that since I did this, it is the one room in my house that is 100% decluttered.


Meaning that I would not be embarrassed if you searched my cabinets. That is an odd feeling because I would guard most other cabinets with my whole body! I need to give our Master bathroom another round of decluttering. When I first did the Master, I wasn’t very strict. When I do it again, I will get rid of a lot more things. That is a great perk with decluttering. Being able to go back anytime you want and fine tune. (It’s also a necessity if you get lazy about letting things come into the house.) We are going back through our clothes more than once. I went through the girls’ clothes several weeks ago and need to do it again since I have a better idea of what they are actually wearing this Spring. We actually went through the bath toys twice. The first time, the frog pod was full, plus another container. I also went through the cleaning products back in January. I told myself I would use the floor cleaner until it was gone since there was only a little bit left. Instead, I have been using my natural alternative. So out it went!

I found some amazing blue eye shadow from middle school. What surprising things have you found in your bathroom?


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  1. Brittany Welch

    I recently decluttered our bathroom and threw out many of the same things! Old lotions and makeup were two big ones. We also had a lot of old medicine. I asked around and found out that our local health department (Harvey County) has a medicine drop once or twice a year that you can take your expired medicines in to and they will dispose of them in a safe manner so that they don’t end up in our water! I’m hanging on to mine until the next medicine drop, but the kitty litter is also a great idea.

    • It’s amazing how you hang on to things and just put them back in the drawer when you are done and they become ‘out of sight, out of mind’. I appreciate knowing about the medicine drop!


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