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Our Journey to Simplicity: Part 17 – Bye Bye Dresser!

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Well… I did it! I got rid of my dresser! This was one of the first things I wanted to do when we started cleaning out the clutter. One year later – it’s finally done!

I decided that I didn’t need to have as many items to store, so once I cleaned out the dresser and found new places to store the remaining items, I had no reason to hang on to the dresser itself! All it was doing was holding things that I should have put away where they belonged!

What did I get rid of in my dresser?

I narrowed down: pajamas, underwear, hair products, makeup, lotion, nail polish, perfume. I’ve told you about all of those things already. What was left was either moved to the bathroom or the closet.

How did I find room in my closet?

I’ll show you the closet transformation later. It’s pretty awesome. But after shifting around some storage drawers and hanging drawers, getting rid of clothes and shoes, there was a lot more room in there.

The temptation is gone. I have developed better habits since I don’t have a “catch all” in there. We all have those places and eliminating the actual “catch all” surface just makes me put things away! Less places to set “stuff” = less clutter! If I have no where to put it, what do I do with it? Put it away, or get rid of it!

The other change I made was that I now get ready in the bathroom. First of all, no one is in and out and jumping on the bed in the mornings when I am getting ready. Second of all, the lighting is better 🙂

So you want to see?

Here is the before shot…


And After! We moved Dave’s dresser to where mine was.

Then we were able to hang the new mirror where his dresser had been. It’s not really a “new” mirror… I got in October and it is made out of 100+ year old barn wood. But it has been sitting and waiting for a place to be used. I love it!

Sometimes instead of the “small” clutter, we have to go for the big stuff and eliminate the source.

What sources have you eliminated?


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  1. Woo hoo! I love only having one dresser in our room!


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