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Our Journey to Simplicity: Part 21 – Closet Makeover

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Why is there such a sense of vulnerability in showing people things that are normally closed off from their viewing pleasure? I feel that way right now, even though I’m more confident in the organization and lack-of-junk than ever before!

Our closet was not appealing for quite a while. It used to be that we had a ton of clothing. So much so that our hanging bar was bending in the middle! There were large piles of shoes on both ends, and one plastic organizer on the floor.

In Adelynn’s room, she had a tall white organizer, and Ava had 2 multi-drawer organizers, one on top of the other. (We would have gotten her the same as Adelynn, but couldn’t find them. That’s why she had 2.)

I found 3 canvas hanging drawer organizers on Zulily. (affiliate) So each of the girls got one and we got one.

Also since we were getting rid of clothing slowly, I was able to take one of Ava’s white drawer sets and put it in our closet for items since we were getting rid of my dresser. She kept the other. I gave my little 2-drawer one to Adelynn, and we moved her big one to the garage. We all traded around and we all benefited! The big one works great for storing bubbles, balls, chalk, and other outdoor gear.

So, after we traded floor organizers, clothing was next.

Here is before… (check out the bar!)

And that’s just my side!

I decluttered 8 pairs of shoes, and much more! This is another one of those areas where I feel like I only did Round 1. I believe several more items can GO.

How did we decide what to get rid of? I decided to do the trick where you turn your hangers around backwards for 6 months. When you wash things and put them back, you put their hangers in the correct way. When your 6 months is up, you can clearly see what you have/haven’t worn. I planned to do my 6 months from Christmas until June 25 and by April, I was DONE. So much so, that Dave followed suit and voluntarily took items out of his side. I didn’t take pictures of his, but I’d say his is even more drastic than mine.

Here’s mine after:


I know it still looks sloppy with my scarves hanging back there, but that is a project for another day 🙂 You can still tell that at least half of my side is available again! YES! Who knew space could make you feel so good??

So, how do you decide what to get rid of outside of the 6 month challenge?

1. Do you love it/ feel confident in it/ wear it often?
2. Does it fit? Not “Well, hopefully it fits again someday…” But does it fit right now? 
3. Do you need it? (Sometimes work uniforms and such are not loved items, but are necessary ones.)

You can take it from there.

My closet was not organized at all before the purge. I hung things up on the left and grabbed from wherever I wanted. With that method, I missed a lot of items. I couldn’t see things or I forgot about things on the right side of my closet. Now that things are organized, and mainly now that there are fewer items, I can easily see and choose what I feel like wearing. It is an awesome feeling to be able to move hangers down and see what is on them instead of holding others clothes back and pulling items out. It is no longer a 2 armed event!

Good luck in your closets!! I think you’ll be amazed once you go through them and see what you’ve been missing out on.

Remember to give it away!! Including the hangers! You don’t need them anymore either 🙂


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