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Our Journey to Simplicity: Part 22 – Inspiration

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We are picking up speed around here! I hadn’t realized just how much was gone and how free I was feeling in our home, until I spent some time in our basement recently.


All of the efforts we have made for decluttering (minus some time spent on the girls’ toys) have been upstairs. I was down there for a while working on a project the other day when I walked upstairs and realized how free I felt. It was that same free feeling I get when I walk into my friend Jessica’s house. This means we are making progress!

We are getting new carpet soon and I am excited about that! The carpet has been a source of frustration for me since we moved in 4 years ago. Being in the position to finally do something about it is such a relief! The other night my mom said to me “Do you realize you will have to move everything off of your carpet so they can lay down the new stuff?” And I excitedly said “YES!” (Not the expected reaction). Because I am SO looking forward to that! All the stuff will move to the hard floored areas of the house, or the garage, or the basement if need be. The reason for the excitement is that it gives me a better chance to move back only what we WANT to move back! We get to make the conscious decision about what we bring into the house. That will probably be the last step we need for our main floor.

I went though the kitchen a second time this week. I filled a tub. A. TUB. Like, a giant tub. Overflowing with kitchen items we missed. I got Dave’s approval and out it goes! The coat closet, pantry, and a second run through of the back bathroom are on my list. Then we will tackle the basement. I also searched the girls shirts the other day to see what they have worn this summer. That was another 10 items! 5 to one friend, 2 to another, and 3 for our box that goes to the school.

I have realized that we have a lot of things we can get rid of because they are duplicates. I have a Scentsy. Do I need it? No, I diffuse essential oils if I want a scent in my home. That means all the candles can go as well. The diffuser also doubles as a humidifier. So do we need the humidifier? Nope. There goes the candles, the Scentsy and scents, and there goes the humidifier. All because I have a diffuser and oils. Look at all the space we gain! Sometimes you just look at something and think “Why do I have this? I have something else that does the exact same thing.”

I have changed the way I clean. I know I have mentioned this before. But it’s a huge space saver! I have probably 8 cleaners in my house. Total.  Maybe. I have one main cleaner (Thieves Cleaner by Young Living). And then I have a few others. Dr. Bronner’s, carpet spray, dusting spray, stove top cleaner, etc. That is all I need.

What else can you get rid of?? Here are some ideas!

How many half finished projects do you have laying around? How many items are you keeping because you might need them for something someday? Oh, we all do. But if we really need to do a project, won’t we go out and get the materials? If we want to do the project we will!

Candy. Oh my. We have this bag that is for Halloween candy, Easter candy, Valentines candy, etc. However, if you dig to the bottom of the bag and find Valentines candy from last year? It’s time to dump the majority of the bag. That is a lot of pounds not sitting in your pantry or belly.

Do you have items that are really frustrating? We have a few, but we got rid of 2 magnet sets for the girls. They had one that had no good way to have the pieces stored – and we are talking about 50 tiny magnets! Another was one that wouldn’t stick like they were supposed to and would fall everywhere. We have at least 2 other magnet toy options, so they are fine in that department and they haven’t asked about either toy.

I have been reading a book about decluttering kids stuff. He was talking about how too many choices for kids overwhelm them and they don’t know what to play with or what to pick up. I knew that on some level, but don’t think I really put it into perspective in my own house. So I asked Adelynn if she would be okay with us taking some things out of her room and if she would like it better in there if she didn’t have so many toys in there to play with. To my surprise, she said “Yes”! She has quiet time every afternoon for 2 hours. She has had quiet time since she quit napping (roughly 2- 2.5 years ago). She has always done a pretty good job at staying in her room and playing quietly, but often comes out to ask questions or get help with things. The day that I asked her if we could take some things out, I was having a day where I was fed up with the clutter and my frustration that day was directed towards the toys. Dave and I cleaned out all of the toys in her room before quiet time. ALL of them except her Barbie house and Barbies. On that day, she did not leave her room ONCE. That theory is legit!


All of this is to say that your labor is not in vain! Be encouraged because at some point, you will walk into your house and love the free feeling. I can see this day on the horizon! Also, if you are stuck, you now have some new decluttering ideas!

Tell me what you’re working on!


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  1. Oh, my goodness. I love this! You have definitely inspired me to go through a few drawers around our house and declutter. Keep up the great work!


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