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This is a message I shared with our church women already last year. I’m feeling it big time since it warmed up again, so I am sharing it here too!

Have you officially hit summer mode at your house? I can say that we hit summer mode hard in our household. I can tell it is summertime by looking at my surroundings. The dishes are stacked, the laundry is mountainous, the floors are sticky, the car is full of crumbs and the kids are dirty and sweaty. We spend so much time outside and running through the house tracking in the mess, that the small things get neglected. Does that sound familiar?

They say that picking up after kids is like shoveling while it’s snowing. However, I think we will miss that snow when it’s gone. Both sets of my girls’ grandparents always offer to clean up messes after we leave their house. I never want them to worry about it since surely they have other things they can be doing. But truth be told, their days of constantly cleaning up ice cream drippings, wiping peanut butter off the wall and digging remotes out of the trash can are over. They can now enjoy those messy moments without cringing.

That’s what I want to start doing now. I don’t want to wait until I have grandkids to enjoy those moments. I want them to know I enjoy them right now. I hope they always remember the summers of popsicles dripping down their arms. I hope they remember being carried inside for baths to wash off said popsicle and the sand sticking to it. I hope they remember their greatest sidewalk chalk creations and the fantastic mud pies. I know that clothes will be ruined in the process, and I might cringe a little when the dirty hand prints are left on the clothes on the clothesline, but I hope they don’t remember those things.

So leave the mess behind. Leave that pile of uncut coupons, let that dirty dish soak in the sink, let the bathroom cleaning wait a few more hours. Go outside with your kids. The mess will still be there whether you are inside or you are in the backyard. Enjoy those messes with your kids before the Summer ends!

(Look at my messy babies from last Summer!)

photo 1 (40)photo 4 (15)unnamedphoto 5 (19)


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