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Our Journey to Simplicity: Part 24 – Coupons & JUNK

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Today I am keeping it short and sweet!

I remember once upon a time enjoying receiving free samples in the mail. Signing up for products with certain websites, just to earn coupons. That was how I chose to spend my time and I enjoyed getting my mail everyday. However, now that I have been decluttering, a lot of my junk is these unused samples and expired coupons.

I naturally struggle with the “paper” concept of living simply. I get hung up on it and it gets in my way. So the last thing I need is more paper!

I no longer sign up for samples in the mail. It’s just more stuff to go through. I would rather try it, not like it, and give it away – over having more stuff in my house. The company benefits from it, I have the knowledge about how I felt about the product, and then someone else benefits from it.

With coupons, I used to cut out most of them and take them to the store with me. I also found that I was using more of them than I needed. There were items I bought solely because I had a coupon, and many of them were done-for by the time I got around to using them. Therefore, my coupons caused clutter. Now the left over coupons go straight into the recycling.

I used to be in awe of the extreme couponers’ stockpiles… Now they make me twitchy.

Even if it’s organized, it’s more stuff than I would ever want in one place. Having that many of one item seems excessive to me. Even if it’s organized. Even if they paid the same price for 5 that I paid for 1. Good for them! But I’ll take my space.

I don’t use coupons very much anymore. I have gotten past the point where I cut them all out. I now make my list and then look for coupons. I only cut the ones out that are for products on my current list, or that I know I will be shopping for in the near future. The whole idea no longer gives me a rush. I respect the people who save lots of money doing it, and if it were to work out that I could get 5 things for the price of 1, I might do that sometime.

The time spent only cutting the coupons I want is awesome. I have more time and less junk!

I encourage you to evaluate what you’re bringing into the house and what you’re signing up for!

Do you coupon?


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