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Our Journey To Simplicity: Part 27 – Carpet

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We recently got new carpet and that made us really move things out and reevaluate even further. It might be a drastic step, but maybe that would be a solution for you! Moving it out and deciding what to keep instead of deciding what goes! Plus, then everything would already be “out”!

We are a week out from the new carpet and we still have many things in the garage. I don’t know what else will be coming back in! (I did bring the contents of my sock drawer back in since – even though I hadn’t used it yet – I thought that would be beneficial!) 🙂

We took the opportunity to scrape the popcorn off our ceilings and paint them.

What a mess! We just rolled it all up and removed the carpet. Then we painted ceilings and pulled up the padding!

Another thing I noticed is that our closet doors make me crazy. We took them off for the carpet installation and I didn’t want them back. For one, they are the sliding kind which makes any access to the closet a nuisance. But also, because it gives us accountability for keeping our closets cleaned out. I don’t know that the door-less closets will last, but for now, until we can learn and maintain some great habits of intentionality, we will leave them off. And when the doors do return, they will be the kind that fold up!

This was a great opportunity to clean out and organize our closet even further. I thought I cleaned out my shoes a while back, but I learned something new after this whole thing. We packed up our shoes in giant garbage bags and put them in our bathroom (since we weren’t getting carpet in there). I only had one pair of shoes out because I wore them on installation day. Those shoes were what I wore every day and I didn’t even have to think about it. I did go digging through the bag for a specific pair at one point, but that was a pain. Just as painful as digging through the mound of shoes on my closet floor every day! So 17 more pairs of shoes are out of there!


It has a repurposed basement shelf and an unused canvas bin for my socks. I hung up all of Dave’s shorts which gave me some space in his dresser. It eliminated the need for the white plastic drawers that we used to have in the closet. YEAH! Our basement deserves a Simplicity series of its own because that job has not been tackled yet… I might need the white plastic drawers down there, so I will hang on to them for a little while.

We simplified the girls’ toys a little bit too. Each girl had 4 big things in their rooms which meant they had each of their walls filled up with something. Their bed, dresser, toy box and then Adelynn has a big doll house, and Ava has a big kitchen.

11666183_10206592114940097_1390068678034377334_n IMG_0331

We were noticing what they play with each day and they only use a few things from their toy boxes. There are a select few special stuffed animals and dress up clothes, but mainly Adelynn spends her days playing with Barbies and Ava spends hers playing with ponies. They take breaks to dance every day, so the dancing skirts are also favorites. But other than that? It’s a waste of space to have that giant toy box in their rooms! The space would be much better used for playing! I ordered a little 2 cube organizer for each of them. Adelynn will use hers for her night time stuff – CD player, water cup, and a few fun toys in her 2 bins. It will be like a bed side table for her. Ava will use hers for her free standing night light, CD player, and the bins for her every day toys such as her dancing skirt and big Anna/Elsa dolls and stuffed mermaid. Adelynn has a tub for her Barbies and the ponies live in a living room basket.

2 cube organizer

They arrived today and I can’t wait to put them to good use!
The toy kitchen and doll house stay in their rooms, of course 🙂

Their rooms are staying SO much cleaner with less pick up time since there aren’t as many toys upstairs. I’m taking this opportunity to learn new habits with getting toys cleaned up before they are overwhelming. Fortunately, the opportunity for them to become overwhelming will be slim since there aren’t as many toys!

I used to think that I had too much house to clean, but realized it was really that I just had too much stuff. It’s amazing how my house doesn’t get dirty nearly as quickly anymore. I put so much less energy into cleaning it. So obviously, it’s not the size of house! Plus, wanting to see carpet I love is excellent motivation! 🙂

Our previous carpet was probably 20 years old. It was a “beige” and it’s life was just over. Besides scraping and painting ceilings, we also decided to replace our entryway and extend it one foot in each direction. We chose a smoky cork floor, so we will see how we like it! Being comfortable in our home is SO worth it. I just try to put our basement out of my mind… but I’ll show you the progress down there when the time comes!


What are your methods? Do you think it would be easier for you to move it all out and bring back in only what you want to keep?


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  1. I love the living room! Makes me hungry to reorganize and reorder….as I’m sure your posts do to many readers. :). Miss you friend. Thanks for openly proclaiming the goodness of simplicity. Its wonderful.


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