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Oh, Adelynn. Oh, Ava.

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The day after Adelynn’s birthday she enters the room with her dance leotard on. She says it feels to tight in the shoulders. I asked her if she had it on backwards.
“It just feels too tight because I’m 5.” she concludes.


Ava looks out the living room window “Car! Drive!” She exclaims.
“Oh! Did you see a car driving?” I ask.
As cheery as can be she says “No!”


I’m making something for a baby shower. Adelynn sees it.
“That doesn’t look like a shower! It looks like a ladder.” 


I’m on the couch with my feet up and Ava climbs on the ottoman where my feet are.
“Ready?” she asks.
“Ready for what?” I ask.
“Avaaaa!” And half a second later she lands on my lap.


Adelynn is looking for her underwear in her drawer after her bath and is talking to herself “Panties… I need panties…”
She finds some and then rhetorically asks me “How would we live without panties?!”


Ava was a mess at nap time and demanded water.
We gave her a cup and she promptly took it to Adelynn.
It was for her all along! Such a sweet girl.


Adelynn shows me what she found.
“I caught a moth. See? But you can call him Flicker for short.”


We are walking through Home Depot and they are loading some boards on a shelf, and it’s making noise.
Adelynn asks “Why do they have to be so loud? I like peace and quiet. Not peace and loud!”


Adelynn and Ava ran into each other. Ava’s head and Adelynn’s chin were the hurt spots.
Adelynn put ice on her chin for a while.
She takes it off. “Does it feel better?” I ask.
“It feels like my chin is gone.” She says.



The girls are in the bathroom after they got out of the bathtub. Dave wasn’t home to help me.
Adelynn goes to the bathroom and says “Wow! My pee is super duper hot!”
And while I am snickering at her, Ava has reached over and grabbed soap from the bathtub to put in her clean hair.
I said “Ava are you kidding me?”
Ava replied with a perky “Yeah!”



I couldn’t decide if I should tell this Ava story or not by putting it on the internet… however, she is 2, so she has nothing to be embarrassed about. I hope she can laugh about it someday.

We were having Small Group at a friend’s house. We were all sitting around finishing up our dessert and talking. All the kids were playing in the sprinkler. Ava had been wearing a dress and diaper, but we took the dress off and let her go in her diaper until we could finish eating and go inside to get her swimsuit. So we were just relaxed and chatting when everyone started chuckling. My friend Misty said “Cassi… your daughter.” I knew exactly which kid she meant and once I spotted her, I saw her standing there, facing us, diaper in hand. I went to take it from her and when she handed it to me, she held her nose and said it was stinky. I dismissed it because usually any diaper she takes off herself, she claims is yucky. I dropped the diaper in the trash without a second look and went in to get her stuff, since, obviously, she is naked now. By the time I came back outside, Ava was playing with the other kids and was in the process of taking a bucket and placing it in the yard, upside down. So I was baffled when everyone was roaring with laughter. They were all watching the kids, so I knew they must have been doing something funny, but I wasn’t sure what. One dad yelled to his kid not to touch the bucket, which induced more laughter, but I couldn’t figure out what was hilarious about Ava’s bucket. It was when Ava turned around to walk away from me that I saw what the laughter was about. Ava had obviously pooped. And then covered it in the yard with a bucket. And here Ava is, walking around, naked, with a dirty rear end, without a care in the world. I was literally doubled over, laughing so hard I couldn’t stand up. Once I finally regained my composure and got wipes to clean her with, there was Dave, using a shovel to chuck the poop over the fence.

Always the entertainment.

She makes everything fun.

Oh, Ava.


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