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Oh, Adelynn. Oh, Ava.

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Ava gets a cramp (or something) in the back of her leg. Dave tells her she needs a banana and brings her one.
She eats part of it and says her leg hurts again. Dave says “That’s why we got you a banana.”
So she picks up the rest of the banana and holds it against her leg like an ice pack.
Now really. Whose theory makes more sense?!
“I’m like a moo-bit moo-bit…”
Adelynn sings to the song “I like to move it move it.”
The girls and I were talking about friends at lunch time.
”Ava do you have friends?”
”Yeah!” She said.
”Yes you do! Who are your friends?”
”Grace, (insert other family members) Mommy, Daddy, Adelynn, and me!”
”You are friends with yourself?”
”Uh huh!”
I love it! I told her that was awesome. Gotta love yourself first, right?
Adelynn asks “Mommy, did you marry Granddad and Daddy?”
”I married Daddy. Grammy is already married to Granddad.”
“Oh. Who can I marry someday?”
”You get to pick.” I tell her.
”I want to marry Daddy.” She says.
I get it. I love him too 🙂

Ava wants to go outside but she is in her My Little Pony pajamas.
“We can’t go out until you get dressed.” I tell her.
”But Rainbow Dash (pony on the pajamas) wants to go outside!” She claims.
“I almost look like a real mom even though I am still little.”
Adelynn says as she looks in the mirror after getting her hair cut like mine.
When Ava runs into a spider web she says “The spider web licked me!”
I find Adelynn asleep on her floor during quiet time. I get close to her to wake her but I don’t have to. She moves around and says:
”I get tired of staying awake sometimes.
I’m putting Ava’s shirt on. She has it on except her arms are inside it and not in the sleeves.
”Where are your arms?” I ask.
Without skipping a beat she says “At Nana’s house.”

Adelynn asks: “Mom, why do shirts have tags? Why don’t we get to wear them our own way?”
That’s right! Stick it to the fashion industry for trying to tell you what to do!


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