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Oh, Adelynn. Oh, Ava.

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I notice Ava has a cut on her arm. “What happened to your arm?” I ask.
She looks at her arm, gets a serious look on her face and looks to me for sympathy with her big, bright eyes.
”Snake bite.”

Ava tells me this long and involved story with huge animations, that I do not understand much of. So I’m looking at her and listening.
She says “Watch me!” So I watched as she dramatically and intentionally pushes out a giant fart. Then she laughs hysterically!
What do I do with this girl?!

A truck pulled out in front of me while driving and I sighed.
“What?” Adelynn asked.
”Oh, a truck just pulled out in front of me. He should have waited his turn, but he must have been in a hurry.”
“Maybe his daughter had to go to the bathroom.” Adelynn suggests.

Ava is protesting the thunder because she doesn’t like it.
Then she tells me “I want outside to be happy.”
Oh, Ava. I love 2 year old logic.

First thing in the morning I pull Ava’s nightgown off over her head.
“You take my lipstick off!” She declares after the neckline smooshed up against her lips.
She’s so fancy she wears lipstick to bed!

I poured too much cereal into Ava’s bowl.
I start to pour it back into the box.
“Just kidding!” Ava says.

I’m taking the girls to my parent’s house.
“What are you going to do while we are at Grammy’s?” Adelynn asks.
“I am going to clean the house!” I say.
“We sure make some terrible messes….” She says. 🙂

Then she gets home.
”Wow, mom! You made it shine in here!”
There’s no better compliment!

Ava measures my head with a cloth measuring tape.
“50 minutes!” She states.

I ask Ava if she wants muffins for breakfast.
“I hate muffins.” she tells me.
I don’t know where she learned that word! And she had a muffin for breakfast the day before!

Adelynn gets big-eyed and serious.
“Mom. I have to tell you something important about the sky.”
”Okay, what’s that?” I ask.
With big eyes still, she says, ”It has not rained for a long time.”


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  1. Love it! Isn’t it the worst when they say “hate”!? It is Jack’s favorite lately :/


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