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Oh, Adelynn. Oh, Ava.

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Adelynn makes a row of chairs to be an airplane.
“Come on Mom! Come ride the chairplane!” She calls.
I was impressed with the name! And I rode it. It was awesome.


Ava wants Adelynn to go to bed since they share a room.
Dave tells her that Adelynn will be in after she’s asleep.
Dead seriously Ava yells back “I am asleep!”


We are with my Mom out of town one day. The girls call her Grammy, but Adelynn has just made the connection that she is my mom.
We are waiting on her while we are getting gas. I tell Adelynn it’s time to go.
She looks at me with big eyes and says “But we have to wait for your Mom!”


Ava had shoes on and was pretending to be a cat.
Adelynn says “Ava, cats don’t wear shoes!”
Ava quickly responds “Neigh!”


I walk out of the bathroom and sit on Ava’s floor. She ambushes me with a huge hug.
She says “I SO proud of you, Mom!”
I am surprised by this. “Well, thank you! What are you proud of me for?”
“For going in the potty!” She says.
I don’t remember the last time I was praised for that, but I’ll take it!


It’s a 30* day with 27 MPH winds.
Ava asks to play outside and we have already talked about how cold it is.
“Do you remember how cold it is outside?” I ask.
Adelynn pipes up “100% cold?”
Yes. That’s so accurate.


I have shoes that slip on but have a piece of elastic across the top of the foot. Ava sees them.
“Mom, do you have dance in the morning?” She asks.


Adelynn saw her new conditioner bottle for the first time. It had a pomegranate on the outside of the bottle.
Adelynn asks me “Mom, does that smell like onions?”


I was getting clothes out of a clean laundry basket. Ava pulled out several of her things while announcing what they were.
“My jammies… my jammies… my sheet…” She laid them in a pile, jumped on my lap and wrapped her arms tight around my neck.
While squeezing me tightly, she said in the most genuine way “Thank you, thank you, Mommy for my clean clothes!”
Be still my heart.


We were talking about how Adelynn spent the first year of her life in our college town.
We were getting ready to drive back there for part of the day.
“Adelynn do you remember where we are going today?”
“Yeah! To the place where I grew up!”



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  1. These all make me smile — and even laugh out loud! They are precious. I’m also impressed with the “chairplane”! How clever she is!

  2. Hee hee! Those girls sure are something special. Send them my love, please!!!


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