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Oh, Adelynn. Oh, Ava.

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Most of the gems this round are from Ava. Because …3 year olds.

Ava trips and falls, but doesn’t hurt herself enough to cry. She stands up and brushes herself off.
She half smiles “My bones break sometimes.”

Ava has a seashell. She holds it up to her ear.
“What do you hear?” I ask.
”Crabs!” She exclaims.

Adelynn spilled water on the table and she’s upset about it.
”What can you do about it?” I ask.
Then Ava, the incurable optimist, says “It’s a pool!”
And the ponies jumped right in!

Ava has some cooking utensil.
“Ava, what are you cooking?” I ask.
”Owl.” She says.
”And what does owl taste like?” I ask.
”Tacos!” She declares.

Ava’s cup is sweating from being cold. “Mom! My cup is melting!”

We are talking about names and I tell them Nicole is my middle name.
“So, Adelynn. What is my whole name?” I ask.
She gets shy.
“Well, what’s my first name?” I ask.
”Poop?” Ava asks. I genuinely cannot tell if she was asking, or sweetly teasing!

Ava has dirt on her feet and she’s scrubbing the bottoms of them in the sink. “Mom, me have dirt on my high heels!”

I find the book Adelynn is looking for.
”You’re like a super girl!” Adelynn exclaims.

We are leaving to take Adelynn to preschool. Ava never wears shoes when we go because the teachers get the kids out of the car so we never have to get out. We are about to leave when Ava says she needs shoes and runs off to get them. She comes back and needs help putting them on.
“Why do you need shoes?” I ask.
”For my feets!”

We leave after dropping Adelynn off at preschool and I’m going the opposite direction from home.
“We going to the back doctor?” Ava asks.
”No, we will go to the back doctor after we pick up Adelynn. They aren’t open yet. We are going to pick up a book from Ally’s house.”
”Oh yeah! Me too!” She says as she’s strapped in the back seat Smile


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  1. So sweet! Glad that you take the time to write some of these gems down!!!


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