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Oh, ADelynn. Oh, Ava.

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Ava found her long lost toothbrush under the couch and tells us about it.
“Well what do you know!?” I say.
”I know it’s my toothbrush!” She exclaims

“Ava can you put your shoes on?”
”I can’t.” She says.
”You can’t? How do you know if you haven’t tried?”
”Because I’m 3!” She justifies.

I’m downstairs doing laundry. Ava, Oliver and I are the only ones home. I come upstairs and Oliver is screaming in his bed. Usually Ava tells me when he is crying – even when we are in the same room Smile
“Ava, did you know Oliver was crying? I couldn’t hear him.” I say.
She looks at me blankly because she doesn’t know how to respond.
”… Oliver’s crying.” She says.
LOL. Thanks, kid.

When Ava has something that hurts, she calls it a “sword” instead of a sore.
“Mommy, me have a sword in my knee.”

Ava wants a towel that’s on the top shelf of the linen closet.
“Honey you’re going to have to ask Daddy. He can reach up higher than I can. He’s tall.”
”Oh yeah. Him tall.”
”When you get married, are you going to marry someone tall like Daddy?’ I ask.
”Uh… I not getting married.”
”Oh you aren’t? Why not?” I ask.
”I can’t.”
Then her eyes light up. “Daddy!”
”You’re going to marry Daddy?” I clarify.
She nods and smiles.

Ava’s hair needs washed.
“I don’t want a bath.” She says.
”But your hair is dirty.” We tell her.
”I don’t like baths.” She reasons.
I tell Dave that Ava’s hair will be dreads soon. Dave Googles it and asks if she wants to see what her hair will look like if she doesn’t wash it. She does and he shows her.
Her face gets serious. ”I want a bath.” She says.
She gets up, takes off her clothes and walks to the bathroom. Once in the tub, she dumps the water on her own head! She did not want to look like the pictures of Justin Bieber that she just saw.

“Ava what do you want to be when you grow up?”
Without a second’s hesitation “Twilight Sparkle!” (One of the My Little Ponies).
I mean, we have told her she can be whatever she wants to be…

Ava prayed for lunch. “God is God. Thank you for our food.”
(Her attempt at God Is Great).

A package arrives at the door. As sincerely and enthusiastically as can be Ava says “Happy Mother’s Day!” My Mother’s Day gift came in the mail the week before.

Ava is talking to her lady bug that crawled on her pinky.
“Oh you want to be on my finger? Oh you want to be on my pinky promise?”


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