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Motherhood: Beauty through Chaos

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Well. Our house has been overflowing with chaos since part of our basement flooded 3 weeks ago.


We ripped up the carpet and padding, hauled it outside and sealed up the window well where the problem began. IMG_8141

We started painting and putting down new flooring. IMG_8237IMG_8244IMG_8538

We are stuck right in the middle of it. We have stuff all over the house that doesn’t belong. We have little details to finish in the office. We have a to-do list a mile long but haven’t had the time to make a dent in it.


Our house just feels like a collection of unfinished projects. It’s been sickness and then one thing after another. All while being in the middle of finishing our kitchen table, going through stuff in our basement, trying to catch up on laundry and trying to do Summertime things.

I have a spirited child. Yesterday she was going non-stop. (I will use another whole post sometime just to tell you about that one day). Today she only had a couple of offenses that would have fit in with yesterday. First thing this morning, I had Ollie in his crib while I was getting ready in the bathroom and the next time I looked in his room he was on the floor with his sisters! I about had a panic attack! It’s not unusual for them to move him from the floor to the swing or something like that, but it terrified me to think that they managed to get him to the floor from the crib! To their credit, Adelynn is pretty responsible and her motherly instincts are strong. (She is having 13 kids after all… 11 girls and 2 boys, she says.) She is very gentle with him, and explained how they did it, but I told them the next time they should just ask me to move him.

The rest of the day was fairly calm. It was just some sisterly bickering because they were stuck inside since it was too hot to play outside. After getting their snack, I walked into the kitchen and saw purple juice all over the counter. I saw Adelynn’s cup on the table, so I asked Ava what happened. She said she was trying to feed it to Baby Alive… I haven’t even checked out Baby Alive to assess the damage. All I know is that my white counter is purple and Baby Alive may have had her last meal.

Overall, today was minimal by comparison – but I was still worn out from yesterday!

These things had happened and Ollie got woken up from his usually-solid afternoon nap. So the girls were dancing to a Shannon Wexelberg CD in the living room (their CD player is broken – just to add to the disarray). The living room is a disaster. The weather is weird and muggy/rainy outside. I am holding an overly tired baby that I wish wouldn’t have been woken up by a sister fight. I normally watch them dance and clap at the right times and hold Ollie so he can watch too.

It seems awful, but today I couldn’t see past the madness and I just wanted to put him down in his bed and let him sleep and go find a quiet place of my own. I didn’t want to watch or clap or cheer. I wanted some space to myself so I wouldn’t have to look at all of the things reminding me what I haven’t accomplished in the last 3 weeks.

That’s when the song came on and I had to sing along as I swayed my baby.

Come worship the Lord

Feast at His table

Taste of His goodness

Come worship the Lord

For He is able

To lift your heaviness

He’ll clothe your heart

With a garment of praise

So let your love song be raised

Worship the Lord

And it seemed so simple.
That was all I needed to do.

I opened my eyes and tears were streaming down my face as I stood in the trashed living room. My boy had fallen asleep on my shoulder and was as peaceful as could be. My girls were dancing away without a care in the world. They were graceful and loving to each other with no hint that they had been fighting only minutes before. I could barely see the mess as they lit up the room with love. They made it all seem so simple. They didn’t see the mess. They were just dancing to the music.


I want to encourage you to dance with your kids. Slow dances of love or fast dances of joy.

Don’t forget to rest in Him, and dance while you’re at it.


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  1. How do you always know. Yesterday was just the worst. Reading this. Geeze. Thanks Cassi. Thanks for your openness to His nudges and your discernment and strength to turn to Him and encourage others in that way!!! I have SUCH a hard time coming down from the chaos, not letting it get to the depths of my soul and just enjoying the little people and dancing. It is so difficult for me most times, when I am worked up.
    TODAY though, today I will remember to come worship the Lord, I will feast at His table,taste of His goodness. I will worship Him, because He IS ABLE, to lift my heaviness, to clothe my heart with a garment of praise. I will let my love song raise to Him. Thank you friend for the gentle reminder I so needed.

  2. Love this tribute to the every day and how it can intersect with worship!

  3. Oops…that links to my old blog. Current one: 🙂


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