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Oh, Adelynn. Oh, Ava.

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We have been telling the interrupting cow knock knock joke around our house.
But in real life, I was talking to Dave when Adelynn started in.
“Adelynn. I’m talking to dad right now and you interrupted me.”
Ava shouts to Adelynn: “You’re a cow!”

I ask for light ice in the drive thru.
Adelynn asks ”Mom do they have light ice and dark ice?”

I told the girls we were going to get coffee. They start telling me they want blueberry muffins when we get there. I remind them that they already had breakfast and that Mama just needs a giant coffee. Adelynn tells me she wants hot chocolate. Ava looks directly at me, completely seriously.
“Yes, Ava.”
“I need a white mocha.”
I have never heard the word “mocha” come out of her mouth! Especially with the word “need” in front of it!

Ava wants to wear a very impractical dress for playing outside. I tell her she will get hot in it. She looks me in the eyes very confidently and says “Jesus made us so we can wear whatever we want.” I had no way to even argue with that…

Adelynn is being noisy when she walks into the room where Ollie is sleeping. I ask her not to play Granddad’s mini guitar so loudly.
“But Oliver is awake now.” She says.
”And why do you think that is?” I ask. (After she was noisy and woke him).
”… Because his eyes are open and he is looking around…”

Adelynn’s cape comes off her else dress. “Who is Elsa if she doesn’t have a cape?!”
I know, right?!

Ava is talking about her birthday.
”First me was 2, then me turned 3!”
“And how old will you be on your next birthday?” I ask.
”4 and then 5 and then 6 and then 40 and 50 like Dad!”

The girls are playing Peek a Boo with Ollie in the car and they are being loud and intense.
“Ava what are you doing?”
”Playing Peek-a-Boo with Ollie.”
”Well you’re being aggressive.”
”No, you’re being a grasshopper!” She teases

I’m hot and Ava is goofing off in the car while I’m waiting to buckle her.
“Ava please sit down. I’m hot out here waiting on you.”
“Oh you are? Sorry mom.” And she waves her flag at me.
“Does that cool you down mom?”

Ava is playing freeze tag and gets frozen. She stands there for a minute, decides she’s done and declares “My ice melted!” and runs off!


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