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Oh, Adelynn. Oh, Ava.

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Ava is walking painfully slowly with her camel in hand and I’m behind her.
”Ava you don’t seem like you’re in any hurry.” I say.
Very seriously she responds “Camels walk slow.”
As I am stifling laughter I ask “And why is that?”
“Because that’s how God made them!” She answers. ___________________________

Ava notices my Ergo (baby carrier) and observes “Mom, that’s like a kangaroo!”

There’s some coloring in a book.
“Oliver did it!” Ava blames.


“Can someone take me to the bathroom?” Adelynn asks while we are out eating.
“Me can!” Exclaims Ava.


We see some men doing tree removal and Adelynn asks about it. I tell her that a tree in our yard is dying and we probably need to have it removed also. She asks why we haven’t and I tell her that we haven’t because it is expensive. She says “Maybe you should ask dad if you can have some of his money to do that.” Thanks, babe.

“Mom when are we going to Olivia’s house again?” Ava asks. 
“We don’t have any plans right now.” I answer.
“Me have plans!” Ava declares. 

A few minutes later  …

“Mom where are we going and who is coming over today?” Adelynn asks.
“We don’t have any plans today.” I respond.
”Me do! You can have some of my plans!” Ava exclaims.

Ava is chewing gum. She comes to me and tells me she wants to suck her thumb – but doesn’t want to throw away her gum. She has a McDonald’s cup on the table.
“Go put it on the lid of your cup until you’re ready for it” I say.
She nods and runs off.
A little while later I see her bend down and then stick her gum in her mouth. A cup we use at the splash parks was on the floor and so she just stick her gum on there!! Oh Ava

We are using GPS on my phone to drive to a new place. All of a sudden from the back seat Ava exclaims
Dave and I are floored and can’t do anything but stifle laughter.
I get an only mildly amused face and turn to look at her.
Her big eyes are wide and she says “I never heared your phone talk before!”
We were so impressed that she used the phrase correctly!

Overheard while the girls are in bed:
Ava says “Go to sleep or the tooth fairy won’t come!”
Nobody lost a tooth…

We are taking turns praying at bedtime and it’s Adelynn’s turn. She prays: “… and thank You for Mommy, Daddy, Ollie, and Steve and Bella…”
”And Me!” Ava shouts.
Adelynn continues on “… thank You for Grandma and Grandpa…”
”Me!” Ava shouts.
And on Adelynn goes “… and for Nana, and Pampa. For Grammy and Granddad…”
”Meeee!” yells Ava.
”….Olivia, Kinley…”
”MEEEE!!” Ava shouts.
“…and thank you for our friends. Amen.”
Adelynn was praying so intently that she didn’t hear Ava. I could not even hold it together though. I burst out laughing! Once she was done, we told Adelynn she forgot to say Ava’s name, so she prayed a prayer of thanksgiving just for Ava.


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