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Daily Archives: 05/02/2017

Motherhood: When you give a woman some children… Part 2

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One day…

Again, continuing this series, keep in mind these stories were written with 2 year old Ava and 5 year old Adelynn. This is all while I am pregnant with Oliver.

Ava likes to get into everything. Even things I don’t think she would have interest in at all. So on this day, the girls were playing with the iPad on our bed. Ava came crying to me and holding her eye. I started to ask what was wrong when I could smell the answer! She had taken perfume out of my drawer and managed to squirt it in there! Ouch. That’s not a great start to the day.

Later that afternoon I was using a homemade ice pack we have. It’s just a ziploc bag filled with rubbing alcohol and dish soap. I had been using it on my back and left it on the couch beside me. I was genuinely just looking the other direction for a second when I hear Ava start spitting. I look over at her and she has opened the bag and tasted the contents. Yuck! She literally had bubbles forming on her mouth.

Maybe 30 minutes after that happened, she was on the floor beside me. I was still in the same spot on the couch. (My back was hurting.) She started to pull herself up by pulling on the couch. Our couch has a cover on it, so she was just pulling the cover. My room temperature coffee cup was sitting there when she started to pull. I grabbed it, but it had already spilled on her head!

That was a rough day for Ava.


Nail polish:

I also used to keep the nail polish in the bottom drawer of my dresser. The girls were playing in Adelynn’s room (or so I thought.) Adelynn came to show me that she had painted her nails, which was just a clue to me to get up and see what Ava was doing. (I’m not new at this.) I get in there and she has painted the edge of Dave’s night stand with nail polish. She is sitting on the bed with it currently and had painted one fingernail. I took that bottle and all the nail polish and moved it to the top of the dresser. The dresser is about 5 feet tall.

I thought it was safe there. Until one day I was in Adelynn’s room and Ava had been playing in hers – we were the only two home. I walked by and saw that she had dumped nail polish ALL OVER herself while sitting on her bed. I seriously don’t know where she found that bottle at.

So I confiscated that one and put it in the box on top of the tall dresser as well. (I really wish I could show you that picture, but she wasn’t wearing enough clothes to have it on the internet.) Just imagine white nail polish all over her as she sits on her bed and does a little science project.

Several days later, Adelynn comes to me and says “Mom! Ava has the nail polish!” I RUN in there because I am baffled that she found another bottle. I take it before she opens it – thankfully. I look over at the tall dresser and see a tall laundry basket pushed up against it. Ah. Clearly that was her ladder to get to the nail polish. I could not have thought ahead on that one.

Now the box of nail polish has moved to the top of the refrigerator! Maybe that will buy me a few months?


Another day:

The girls went outside to play. Now, I have learned a thing or two and sending them out in anything but play clothes is out of the question. So they were wearing clothes that are meant for getting dirty – thankfully.

We were getting ready to leave for a weekend and Dave was going to be gone all day. I was glad it was a strangely warm day in February. I was trying to get my packing list together and think through our time away. So I was in the kitchen or at the dining room table, so I could definitely see them if I looked out the window. (Our yard has a high privacy fence). Adelynn comes up to the door and says “Mom! Ava got her stuffed animals wet.” I am wondering how in the world she managed to sneak those outside and see that she has a couple of beanie babies. Soaking. Wet. We hang them up on the clothesline, have a talk about what is okay to play with in the water, and I get back to work.

A few minutes later I look out and the girls have the hose. It is on. I go back out. We have another talk.

A little while later, I look out and see Ava with her pants down. She’s most definitely pooping in the yard. Again. So I go out and we talk about pooping in the toilet.

Another few minutes go by and the doorbell rings. Imagine my surprise when I go to the front door and it is Ava. How in the world?? Both girls are in the front yard because they figured out how to get under one part of the privacy fence. You’ve got to be kidding me. So, we have another talk.

I have gotten almost nothing done by that point except doing lots of explaining about what we can and can’t do outside. Like it’s the first time they have been out there!

At one point, I hear the water running again. You know what? Whatever. Fine. You’re in play clothes, get wet and you’ll see what I mean that it’s not warm enough to play in the water.

Uh… that was not a lesson they learned that day. The lesson they learned was that if they fill the yard holes they dug with water, there will be mud. So a little bit of time goes by and two proud little mud monsters wander up to the door.

IMG_6859 (1)

Thankfully, just in time for baths before we go out for the dinner plans we had! I strip them down by the back door and carry Ava in first. I am glad I carried her in first, because while just standing at the back door as I peeled her clothes off, she managed to get muddy handprints all over the edge of the door as she steadied herself. I went back for Adelynn, returned with her, and good grief was that bath water dirty! We rinsed off mud, drained the water, and went for round two. Whew!

If you give a mother some children she will think that things like nail polish and scissors are out of reach, only to be proven wrong. If coffee, perfume or dish soap are within reach, they will end up on the toddler. And at some point in life, you will do a rinse and repeat on your kids at bath time because they are covered in mud.

The End.