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Daily Archives: 05/09/2017

Motherhood: When you give a woman some children… part 3

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This occurred last summer. The kids were recently-turned 6, recently-turned 3 and about 4 months old.

Some of these days of my life I should refer to as “Ava days”… On this particular day, I woke up and I wasn’t ready to face the day because I woke up to two bickering sisters.

We had a heck of a time getting out the door to the water park that morning the way it was. It took an extra long time to get everyone dressed and ready. As we were walking out the door I said to the girls “Go ahead and go out the door so Bella (our cat) doesn’t run out.” And they walked around the table the other way and she escaped. We got her back in the house and left. Once there, everything went pretty well. Once we finished up, both girls had to go to the bathroom before we headed home. They each went into one of the single person bathrooms as I was buckling Ollie into his seat just across the patio. Once Ava was done, I looked up and she was standing beside me. I didn’t really pay attention to her because I was busy buckling her brother. When I finished, I looked over at her and her whole swimsuit was at her knees!! She couldn’t pull it up after she went to the bathroom, so she walked across the patio area with her buns hanging out! I pulled her suit up as quickly as I could!

As we left there, she fell down in the parking lot. We had to pause life and put on a Band-Aid. It was the wrong kind of Band-Aid of course, she wasn’t sure she could walk after falling down, you know the drill. It was probably the biggest catastrophe on the face of the earth. And if you know her, you know her cry is LOUD. I could only imagine how many other moms who were able to hear her even over the rushing water at the splash park.

We got home and had lunch. It was a mess because Oliver was crying the whole time because his diaper had leaked and he was hungry. So he cried while I got the girls settled with lunch because they were hungry from playing in the water and sun. It was a chaotic several minutes. Ava helped herself to the ketchup in that time. She was so proud of the “caterpillar” she made out of ketchup. It was huge and she had way too much. I told her I liked it, but next time she could try to make a smaller one. She reached over it to get her drink and got ketchup all over the whole front of her white swimsuit cover. As I was trying to tell here her that she was getting her cover dirty, she looked down at it and also got her hair in the ketchup! Of course after we survived lunch, I finally sat down and ate cold food, ya know.

After the lunch fiasco, I was downstairs doing laundry. I came up and saw Ava’s root beer cup spilled all over my new table. All over the floor and it splashed up on the new white chairs and white table legs. There was a towel on the floor that had been used in a small attempt to clean up the root beer. So that was a mess for me to clean up so there wouldn’t be sticky brown residue everywhere.

Later I discovered she had taken the root beer cup into her room after she filled it with water. Of course she isn’t supposed to do that and of course Adelynn knocked it over! I think that day my laundry was full of wet rags used on cleaning up drink spills… and one white, ketchup-covered, swim cover.

On this day, Ollie pooped twice. So the second time was about 5 minutes after I changed the first one. Because of course. I got the girls some snacks and then I went to change the second diaper. I finished changing him and when I went to sit back down with him, my snack had disappeared! Ugh. Ava. So I decided I would get another snack after I fed Ollie. I got settled on the couch and started looking for his bottle and couldn’t find it. I know it was just right here! I was ready to blame Ava when I realized it was already in my hand because I was already feeding him! (Can I just take that moment and not call it mommy brain, but call myself a subconscious super mommy?)

That evening, I went downstairs to move laundry and Ava was in the bathroom when I went. I came back up and she was still in there. Dave said “Ava is in the bathroom again. She was in there and then she forgot to wipe her bottom so she went back in.” I go in to check on her. She’s standing there and I ask if she wiped. She said she did and wanted to show me. So she pulls the wet hand towel off the counter and wipes…


If you give a woman some children, the day will probably begin and end with poop.

The End.