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photo (36)
IHOP put cheese blintzes back on the menu… my heart is so (49)
This is (50)

She’s so comfy on her Dad’s (1)
We found this little lady last Saturday… and she ran away. This is the 2nd black widow we have found at our house. EEK! Guess we are calling the bug people to come spray!!photo (24)

Comfy (25)
Ice cream and cookies in the middle of the day? Yes. This was at the Manor after a Memorial service.  You can tell I don’t get out much when ice cream in the middle of the day is exciting to me. They were also playing BINGO. Being retired is awesome!photo (26)
Digging into lunch with both hands. photo (28)photo (29)photo (30)

photo (5)
Don’t ask her to say “cheese” … this is what you will (6)photo (7)photo (9)
Poor thing in the car, scared of the storm. She did this all the way home. This is a first for her Sad smile
photo (8)
photo (10)photo (11)
Car (13)
photo (14)photo (15)
The puddle and the aftermath. This is a happy child.
photo (16)


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  1. both the pics and quotes below are pretty awesome!!! I love catching up with you this way!


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